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A typical game of balance on wheels (of various styles, from bicycles to wheelchairs), a little splatter, where you have to overcome various obstacles trying to get to the end all of a piece. Select the medium you prefer and follow the path. Be careful, though, not to get hit by any gear …could be quite painful! Amazing stunt game where you weird transportation in reckless manner. Uses a wheelchair with turbo or the classic bike with child seat and crosses mad circuits. Watch replays of your businesses! Game where you have to move a series of characters and you must get to the end. Attention sometimes fall and can be a little unpleasant. Ready to lose yourself in a stupid game, but so much fun? In this guide we will explain how to play this browser game made in flash, called “Happy Wheels 2”. You don’t have to remove the ringtone to your phone, hide the clock, order a pizza, and start the fun! Connected to Happy Wheels 2 demo. Before you can start the game you will have to a few seconds of commercials, but soon after, initial screen appears, where you can decide whether to play right away, or if access game settings. Have fun on! To accelerate, brake, and balance the vehicle, use the arrow keys. For the turbo, press space.

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